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Here's what our clients say about our reasearch teams.


Secure Your Future

Our premium network of researchers and analysts will give you deep insights into your business's current and future state. They'll dive in and discover what motivates consumers and opportunities for your products, services, and brand to expand. Whatever your needs, we'll connect you with the team that will give you the intel you need to succeed.

Here's what some of our clients have said about the connections we've made:

"We'd been contemplating multiple new product lines but could not agree on which direction was next. Then, Open Sea Intel connected us with a team that gave us incredible insight. Not only did we know which direction to go, but which direction NOT to go. Ever!"

- Julia Youngston, Zap Technologies Inc.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Whether you need consumer feedback, market research, or competitive analysis, our teams of veteran researchers can get you the intel you need to make intelligent decisions.

Deep Insight & Detailed Analysis

Open Sea Intel researchers can go as deep, far, and wide as you desire and present a high-level or detailed analysis of the data gathered.

Prepare for What's


With data in hand, you can hone, pivot, and explore strategies and opportunities that align with your vision.

“The team at Open Sea Intel helped us think about aspects of the data we could collect that never would have occurred to us. Their curiosity about the work helped them ask the right questions during data analysis to extract meaning from our data. They were a true thought partner in every sense of the word.”

-Michael Simmons, CPG Consulting

Our premium network of driven researchers are ready help get you the data you need on your timeline and budget.

Whether you are experienced with data analysis or new to data collection, our research teams will guide you through the process and the results.

Don't make another business decision without good data to back you up.