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Customer, Industry and Brand Insights for Your Business


Expert Market Research

When you need answers to the unique questions and challenges facing your business or organization,

we provide the intel to propel your business forward.

Industry Insight

Our research partners gather data and insights from multiple sources resulting in a comprehensive view of the marketplace and your consumers.

Brand Awareness

Open Sea Intel teams provide consumer and human behavioral insights that test your impact and ensure your brand strategy is rooted in market truth.

Custom Insight

Our network of researchers are experienced at creating customized programs to provide you with specific insight and analysis so you can make smart decisions.

Data Collection

Open Sea Intel teams are meticulous, organized, and have control processes to ensure solid data collection and project success.


We connect you to researchers who have expertise in many different industries, proprietary methodologies, and a consultative approach.

You need results and insights that will propel your business forward. So let us put the right team in place for you.